In year's past I've always have had a rankings system that I've always posted to give advice and a different prospective to players. Some of these rankings surely most of you will disagree with...but hey they're my rankings and I'm willing to take the heat/debate. Also these are my rankings using the players not facing them. Please note that* refers to secondary position and P! Refers to Prestige.



  1. P! O.Hershiser
  2. C.Kluber
  3. P!J.Paxton
  4. P! K.Wood
  5. H.Newhouser

Just missed - Maddux/Feller


  1. R.Dibble
  2. P! M.Rivera
  3. A.Chapman
  4. R.Fingers
  5. B.Wagner

Just missed - Rodney/Gossage/Henke


1.P! C.Biggio*
2. C.Biggio*
3. CAP
4. J.Posada
5. Gary! - If you even sniff the [censored] ball its gone.

If Pablo wasn't so horrible on defense he would make the cut. Also why Gary is lower.

1st Base (Can be secondary)

  1. P! C.Bellinger
  2. P! F.McGriff
  3. M.Thames
  4. J.Thome
  5. 99 J.Ramirez*
    (Ortiz SUCKS!!)

2nd Base

  1. CAP
  2. 99 J.Robinson
  3. 99 J.Ramirez*
  4. 97 R.Cano
  5. P! R.Sandberg


2. P! D.Gregorius
3. P! C.Correa
4. C.Ripkin
5. 88 T.Anderson (I just rake with this card)

Ernie Banks is awful!

3rd Base

  1. E.Mathews (Smoothest swing ever! I don't use him currently for the reason of lineup balance)
  2. !P G.Sheffield *
  3. !P.H.Killabrew
  4. P! C.Jones
  5. P! M.Scmidt


  1. M. Mantle(s)
  2. 99 M.Trout
  3. P! L.Walker
  4. P! C.Bellinger*
  5. P! R.Jackson
  6. P! J.Ellsberry
  7. 95 M.Trout
  8. P! E.Davis
  9. HRD K.Griffey Jr.
  10. P! L.Brock (Just someone about his swing the ball MOVES) + a single turns into a triple.

Stan the man just missed the cut, he would be #11.....but I guess that makes him technically overrated. #12/#13 would be McCutchen/Blackmon (that [censored] swing)

Most overrated outfield award goes to....J.D Martinez! I HATE both cards

Gun to my head I have to pick 3 of each to start a BR draft.


  1. O.Hershiser
  2. R.Dibble
  3. M.Rivera

Pitchers/Batters I love/hate facing

Hitters (hate facing)

  1. Reggie Jackson!!!
  2. M.Mantle
  3. C.Biggio

Pitchers (hate facing)

  1. James Paxton - Cutter,FB,Sinker combo gives me fits!
  2. O.Hershiser
  3. 99 A.Chapman

Hitters (Love facin)

  1. JD Martinez! - He is probably 0-18 at least vs me.
  2. D.Ortiz - only gave up 1 HR to him in ABs
  3. E.Davis - I hit great with him, but vs him its a bowling ball vs a twig.

Pitchers (Love facing)

  1. F.Hernandez
  2. 99 C.Mize
  3. R.Dibble (No idea why, but I just crush him)