HDR Mode video settings


My monitor broke down yesterday, so I'm forced to play on my TV for the time being. I have a decent Samsung TV (KS8000) which supports both 4K and HDR.

My question to TV users familiar with HDR is whether you turn "HDR Mode" in the video settings menu in MLBTS on or off and if there's any noticable differences?

I'm gonna try it out myself for a bit, but I'm curious if someone already has additional information on this?

Any input is appreciated.


I have a BenQ EW277HDR monitor, I bought it for the HDR mode on The Show specifically. BenQ is known for their budget high quality monitors. This monitor gets the most out of my original ps4 at 1080p. I don't have any complaints about the response time and with the HDR mode on, it makes all the colors in The Show look more rich and colorful. More realistic as well. I personally always use HDR.