The way the game plays out is killing me.


So a couple of things before I start my rant that has probably be posted ad nauseam but I just have to get this off my chest at this point.
-This is in reference to 19 because I'm going after Welcome to the Chip trophy but this can probably be applied to 20 which I really have no desire of getting at the point
-I know level=/=skill but that bias is hard to kick out at times
-I understand that this game can be crazy and unpredictable like the real thing but it's what's throwing my off.

So tonight in my chase to get to 800 I played these 2 games that both ended up in extra inning losses and my issue is how both losses unfolded. Game one was against a Silver player where I threw a clinic with Degrom(8 innings/3 hits/10K). It was a very offensively anemic game. 7 hits between me and my opponent for 8 innings. But I somehow scratch a run and head to the top of the 9th. I send in Liam Hendricks and get the first 2 outs easily. Then it's starts. Next batter gets a hit and then with the fourth batter my opponent is somehow able to lock on a high and inside fastball perfectly for a 2 run shot. I scratch out another run in the bottom half to force extras. And the very first pitch in the 10th, a low changup somehow gets locked on again for another homerun. Then in the bottom half my offense goes out with a whimper 1-2-3 for the 3-2 loss.

Game two is against a gold level player but is a complete 180 on the offense. I have Kershaw on the mound this time and despite giving up the lead two times I comeback twice to take the lead 6-3 heading into the 9th(this time with Kershaw). Same thing, get to two outs and then it's happens again, the hits start coming. I switched to Troy Percival but it doesn't stop and my opponent ties it on a hit that looks like a line out to LF but apparently I get my Griffey Jr just a .0000000000001 second late so the out animation doesn't activate and the ball misses his glove. We battle it out in extras where my opponent hit a two run shot in both the 11th and 12th with the second one being the decider. I came up short in the bottom half to end 10-9.

So one thing, I don't want to take anything away from my opponents in these games. They won, it's logged, that's that. Another thing, like I said real life baseball can be even more wild than this. As a Mets fan I saw Edwin Diaz have his own MLB the Show like moment this past Saturday.'s experiences like the ones above are happening more often,and it's getting frustrating and tiring. I reached Diamond level last month and for whatever reason I have struggled mightily against silver and gold level opponents and I can't explain it. It's games like my first story where I have silver and gold players fooled for 7 innings but my offense can't do anything despite the squared up and good timings and then the 8th/9th starts then the hits/homeruns come and it's to late for me to do anything and I take a loss. Or it's a slugfest where my opponent gets the last shot in. It just feels like the game is handicapping me and not giving me the same benefit of mounting something like the 3+run two out rally/comeback or having a stress free final inning with a closer.

It sucks because these kind of loses are doing a couple of things to me. Game wise it's screwing the progress of my rankings. For example I stated the night at 640. Game 1 was against someone lower than me so I lost 35 points. Game 2 was against some who was over 800 so I lost like 19 points. There was a game in between where someone quit after the 2nd so I got like 20 points form that. I'm sitting at 622 now. There are periods like this where it's one step forward one step back everyday or you rattle off like 3 wins to get you between 700-725 one night only to lose 3 straight and get put under 600 the next night.
Mentally, this is draining at times because I don't know whether to stick with the starter or go to the pen and with the eventual loss I kind of want to throw my controller either at my tv or on the floor seeing as I spend my time on what look like a sure win only to have it taken away at the last second.

So I know this is a long rant but again I just wanted to get this out and what I just wanna know what the explanation is for matches like this.


Don't know anybody who wants to read your book, myself included...but by the title of your post, yeah we get it, online gameplay is garbage this year, everybody has their own version.


Too many words


I read your whole post (bored at work with nothing to do). I agree with you completely! had so many games happen like that, but i think your issues is simple...You're a Mets fan and doomed to receive those results from now until the end of time! LOL!

Go Braves!!!