This is a weird ?


My controller broke , it was one I had used since I got the PS4 and the analog sticks were loose. The others I have are essentially new and very stiff, so my question is, how exactly could I get them loose without putting 500 hrs into them?

I really cannot hit at all with these new controllers it's like I have never played the game before. I guess I could buy 2nd hand and hope they are worn but that could to analog drift which isn't good.

I honestly don't know what to do it's funny but infuriating at the same time. Lost 9-1 to someone pitching Golds with Gold Silver team and basically haven't won a game in the last 10 or so that haven't been fluked 😞


Would Kontrol Freaks help you get smoother analog movement? I feel like the stick is a little easier to move freely when I’ve got one on.


Stiff? I just bought a new controller and it's anything but stiff, I actually had to add some of those foam rings to add some resistance. The raised Kontrol Freaks like the inferno could help, I use a shorter one, the Omni more for the texture, but the taller the extension the more supple/easier it should be.

The other thing, maybe you could dab some wd-40 or silicone spray around the inside edges then work them around, or try to slide some sandpaper between the space to alleviate some rubbing, if there is any. if it's all internal, then you just have to break it in.


This killing me just barely beat a 360 rated player lol

As for KF I have them but no use on this controller I have tried. I just can't get to any pitches at all think I have hit 1 hr in about 11 games and lost most because i'm to annoyed and end up just throwing the game coz i can't time anything or even get the pci close.

Gonna have to try wd 40 likely won't work or the stench will annoy though .... Looks like i'll end up getting a Scuff controller

Hubijerk your controller was likely second hand and repacked (Wish I could of got that 1)