Getting Offline Player Stat Requirements


Whats the best way to grind out player stats offline? Not talking about the 250 innings, mainly things like 'hit 10 XBH with Astros 2B, C, or 3B', and things like that.

Ive completed conquests to date, so (outside of trying to complete moments, showdowns, etc), I only play on all-star versus the teams needed to unlock player programs and monthly programs for now, so hits are far between. Between trying stack my lineup with a 2B from the Royals, C from the Twins, Jesus Aguilar, Orioles for 10 hits, etc AND try to hit the dailies it is starting to nerf my team, stats arent coming quick enough.

As I am catching up trying to backfill player and monthly programs as well as Stage 1 Team Affinities, I am starting to see a bottleneck of these stats-type missions. In addition, I have started to lose some AS Difficulty Games between trying to have things like Mariners pitchers and a lineup of a mishmash of stat-chasers.


The best way is to just load up your lineup with the players required.
For example I am in stage 3 for the Twins and stage 2 for the Cubs. I need 20 hits with Twins and like 40 innings pitched with Cubs.
I loaded up my entire lineup and bench with Twins and most of the pitching staff with Cubs.

Play the Rockies at coors (rookie makes it easier) and just play the 9 inning game. Pinch hit everytime the pitcher comes up and thats about it.
Try to work on several teams at one time. Some stages require hits from certain positions so try to have every player be part of a stage grind.


Thanks.... that is what I was kind of planning to start...

I was trying to do it somewhat organically through my Conquest games and All-Star Beating Team X Requirements. It was fine on conquest with a bunch of rookie and veteran games.... but now, as I said, it is bottling up with a backlog.

Typically in a night I play 9 innings vs AS for the mission or 3 conquest games... then go and try to hit some moments or make progress in another failed showdown attempt. Ill have to work in a few rookie stat boosting games to catch up


Just remember when loading up with those players secondary doesnt count. They have to have that position as their primary.


I squeezed in a quick game during lunch break.

Awesome. I got 9 of the 10 O's hits I needed, got my last Twins HR I needed for a C to close out Stage 1, and also got an XBH from 2-Hit-Whit to get closer to locking in the Royals Stage 1. Furthermore, got some relief Ks to finish the Eckersley Evolution and also some IP from Brewers to come closer to finishing the Anderson/June Monthly Program.

So all in all its great! Made up a whole lineup of what my next game is going to be based on needs. It is actually really fun trying to cram as much in as possible.