C'mon now


I don't understand why this is. Are there ppl that work at mlb the show in this forum?

I just started this game. I'm trying to get enough pts to buy some players and fill out my lineup to play online RS or something.

I can't get past this software wall in Conquest. I've played on every level. It doesn't matter what level I have it set on when I'm trying to take a stronghold. The computer just throws up a wall.

I just played 2 games in a row on Rookie. Every ball I squared up on getting at least good and a couple times perfect. No runs. 3rd inning a homerun off one of my fresh pitcher's on ball's outside the zone.

At least someone that knows please explain how the different difficulty levels are supposed to work. I posted earlier there is no difference what so ever. Maybe..just maybe on HoF the pitches are a little faster. Still that WALL that just won't let me score runs. It's not because I'm not hitting the ball square. I am..the software just says NO.

Is this a sign of things to come? If there is no suggestions I believe I may find a different game to play. This is not fun anymore.

Please someone explain how difficulty levels are on Conquest. Someone posted earlier that they only played on Legend level..which, maybe, that is true but that only makes a new player feel more stupid and terrible.

I'm not terrible, that's why I'm writing. The game is just stopping me.

Someone else suggested taking pitches. I did....on Rookie the pitcher threw nothing but strikes for 2 innings. I would take 2 strikes...square up on the 3rd and hit it deep..or once got a hit and then double-play.

PLEASE..PLEASE..help or just tell me there is issues with the game and that's just how it is. I ain't going to spin my wheels anymore.


Ok..no one answered. That's fine, I believe I've figured it out. Played a game, just for the heck of it, on HoF after 2 straight 1-0 losses on rookie. I win that one 1-0. I guess it's probably just a random win generator type thing. But even the RNG games I've played make a strong distinction between difficulty levels. Especially when there are 5 and 1-4, in my limited experience, have the same randomized outcomes.

If anyone could offer their seasoned opinion on this I would appreciate it.


don't even bother with Conquest when you first get the game.. Monthly Awards Program has ~20 free diamonds to build your squad for way less time and slightly less of a "software wall"


@cosmicwonders_ said in C'mon now:

don't even bother with Conquest when you first get the game.. Monthly Awards Program has ~20 free diamonds to build your squad for way less time and slightly less of a "software wall"
will move on to that then. I'm thinking if I have to play every one of these Strongholds on this map 3 times to "hit the jackpot" I will have burned myself completely out on a brand new game. Some parts of the game I really like...but it feels like I'm just watching most of the time.


Went ahead and played one more game on HoF. I scored 5 runs. Every time I swung it was a hit. Finally started bunting to get it over with. It's how I would have figured Rookie might have played out.

Moving on...


This is one of my biggest complaints with the game, the inconsistency of gameplay from difficulty to difficulty and mode to mode and even moment to moment. Slider adjustments to prolong challenges like conquest, showdown, even in Straight up games vs the cpu, it just feels like you are waiting for the dice to land in your favour.

One pitch you are early on a fastball, next pitch you are way late on it. You feel like you time one up and it dies at the track, all in the name of realistic simulation and keeping stats from being too video game like (in a video game).