Lineup - Off Season Event III


Who are the guys you are rolling with for the current legend, flashback event?

My lineup is looking something like this (didn't actually have any time to play any games yet):

C : Finest Yasmani Grandal
1B: Finest Josh Bell
2B: SS Robinson Cano
3B: Finest Kris Bryant
SS: Finest Francisco Lindor
LF: 93 Ichiro Suzuki
CF: SS Jim Edmonds
RF: SS Adam Jones

In certain positions I could certainly have higher overall guys but I felt like I wanted to have a good lefty/righty/switch balance and have mostly good fielders in my lineup.

Starting pitching is something like:

SS Madison Bumgarner
SS Zack Greinke
SS Adam Wainwright
93 Vida Blue
92 Orel Hershiser

Here I'm basically simply using pitchers I already had. Probably not the most optimal rotation, but it should get the job done.

I'm also using 5 relievers:

87 Zach Britton
SS Wade Davis
SS Rollie Fingers
Finest Liam Hendricks
SS Andrew Miller


I also started out using Cano and Edmonds and they both hit well, but when my first run ended I decided to go with a mostly switch hitter lineup which got me to 15 wins.

C : SS Posada
1B: Finest Bell
2B: Finest Lindor
SS: SS Reyes
3B: Finest Bryant
LF: Finest McNeil
CF: Finest Marte
RF: Hardware Ichiro

Starting pitchers I stuck to lower level diamonds and one gold to bring the team overall down a little. 92 Hersh, 93 Blue, 90 Prior, 88 Wood, and 83 Perez.

For the pen I used SS Gagne, SS Miller, SS Eckersley, PS Corbin. I also had the silver Wagner and 62 Moylan to lower the team overall, and possibly some other guy I never used if the numbers don't add up. Those are the only guys I remember putting in.

POTM Charlie Blackmon was my primary bat off the bench, but I also had the gold Steve Pearce who crushes lefties, the diamond Chris Davis who crushes righties, AS Ben Zobrist as a super sub who hits from both sides well, and one of the best cards in the game, 63 Raffy Lopez. I don't use him often, but he's hitting over .300 with at least 4-5 homeruns in 20ish at-bats. Not bad for a common emergency catcher.

As a side note, if you do well with Wade Davis you can keep him in, but I think I hit him hard every time an opponent brought him in against me yesterday. Could have been user error, but I didn't have a difficult time picking him up at all.


All common Starters - stacked line up and bullpen - treating it like a BR game


C - SS Posada
1B - FS Vlad Jr.
2B - finest Lindor
3B - SS Bautista
SS - SS vizquel
LF - AS Gallo
CF - SS hunter
RF - SS Edmonds

AS Zobrist
BO Scwharber
Common pinch runner
Common backup catche

SS Oswalt
SS Guidry
SS Kluber
Finest Morton
SS price

SS Miller
AS Chapman
PS Corbin
SS fingers
SS Nen
Finest Hendricks
SS Gagne


@Capt_awesome34 said in Lineup - Off Season Event III:

All common Starters - stacked line up and bullpen - treating it like a BR game

Why give up a free at bat to start the game when you don’t need to? 🤔


Marte LF
Ichiro CF
Edmonds RF
Dunn 1b
Bryant 3b
Lindor 2b
Grendel C
P pinch hit 1st ab unless I'm off and running as visitor
Visquel SS


Brett the skinny beast

Britton TA 87
95 AS Chapman
94 Smith SS
78 Wagner
97 Eckersley
94 Percival


Shameful Saberhagen did not get a Sig card