HOF & Legend Difficulty Themed DD Leagues


Hey all,

We've got room in both the HOF and Legend difficulty themed DD leagues. We run themed teams for these leagues. Everyone proposes a theme idea and we all vote on the best theme. For example, the theme of the current season is each team is only allowed one card per rating number from 99 on down until the squad is filled out. It's a casual paced league, with each team only playing each other once per season. Each season lasts 3 weeks or so, and there are 19 teams in each league.

  • 9 inning games
  • No DH
  • No balks
  • No wind
  • No cheesy gameplay

It's a fun league and a great way to play non-toxic games and practice. A lot of familiar forum names, and a solid discord server to talk about the game, baseball, mortgage rates, favorite Julia Stiles movies, worst beers, whatever.

Click here to join the Discord server if you feel like you might be into it.


Season 3 is starting this week if anyone here wants in. Just follow the link above.

The theme is Max Speed: 65 (individual player cap, not an overall team cap)