Can we communicate to SDS that we would like the ability to edit ALL players equipment/uniform the way we can with CAPS? We used to be able to do some of this I want to be able to have certain pitchers wear compression sleeves ( as many do in real life). Edit the jersey sleeve length slider (could do this just a couple of years ago). Im glad they gave us back the ability to edit cap style and brim style.

Aside from that, I also with they would allow us to adjust Physical appearance/Body for all players. Height, weight, body type, neck, shoulders/collarbone slider, arms, spine length, hips/glutes, thighs. Head size

you can in Madden and other sports games. So its not a player likeness issue. Every year there are countless players that have a great scan, but terrible body, or tiny head. Open this up for us to make these fixes for them.. I don't think this would be difficult for them to do. Hell, in 2k and in madden you can change a players face and name. Anyway, playing the Beta this year, So many great face scan just ruined by poor player models etc. Customization has made this game so great. I wish they would do this