Anyone who follows me knows I have had many failed franchises this year. Some due to ps crashes. Other due to me simply wanting to start over. I truly thought the last one I started would be my last but im really struggling getting into it with no actual baseball to keep me hyped. (I've tried watching old games and documentaries but its not the same. ) so with the announcement of a 60 game season I decided I would start one final franchise. I will sim the first 102 games. Let the chips fall where they may and play the final 60 games. I would also turn on universal DH. So I set up the franchise and started to sim games.

By late June my Red Sox were just about where the world expects them to be. In 4th place with a long shot comeback. Even knowing I can probably make the cone back a reality when I start playing the games near the end of July. I still wasn't comfortable letting some of these players in their last year ride without getting a return and a possible no play off season. However because I'm taking a "let the chips fall where they may" mentality. I decided no hand picked trades or cpu suggestions. I would simply put a player on the block and the first team to make an offer would get him regardless of how good or bad the return was. If no one offered anything I'd roll with the player til the end of the year and loose them in free agency. What followed were 3 trades largely in my favor. Let's analyze them below.

  1. Workman: Workman sat on the block for a few days before the Pirates offered me a 1 on 1 for Joe Musgrove. Too me this is the most even of the 3 although I still think I came out ahead. Workman is an 83 over all Musgrove just a 74 but is 4 years younger and has 2 more years of team control.

  2. Bradley Jr.: Bradley sat on the block for about 2 weeks before the Braves offered me a 1 on 1 for Christian Pache. It doesn't take much to realize this is a steal. Bradley a 77 over all. Pache a 68 over all but 6 years control when i bring him up and a straight up position replacement for Bradley.

  3. Martinez: in reality Martinez is on a 3 year deal when you start the game. But i changed it to a 1 given the likelihood of him opting out at the end of the year. Martinez sat on the block until the 23rd (the day before I stopped simming) then the Marlins offered me this head scratcher. Martinez for Johnathan Villar, Jose Urena and Max Meyer. It doesn't take much to realize this is an absolute steal and reduculas trade. Look at the numbers. Martinez is 32 and at the time of the trade 90 over all hitting .301 24HR 65RBI. Villar 28 years old 83 over all hitting .291 20HR 70RBI and 27SB. A one on one swap would have made more sense given they are both free agents at the end of the year. I could even see throwing in Urena who is 28, 72 over all 7-2, 2.93ERA 1.17WIP over 77 innings with 1 more year of control. But to give me these 2 players plus Meyer who is a 21 year old 72 over all A level prospect with 6 years of control when i bring him up. I'm still baffled by this one.