QOL Request


Minor, but still something that I think would be appreciated:

If we finish a Program; can it be locked so stats don't count anymore?

IE: Mainly the repeatable musdiobs towards Evo Mathews and AS Granderson.

By now I should know that this will show up; but when I go thru my Missions tab (after a game) and I see that I need 1 more XBH by a Yankee (Granderson) or one more XBG with a 3rd baseman (Mathews); I feel it clogs up the screen.

I already completed this Program. Why are the stats still being tallied? Same goes for any Program where you skipped a part if a Mission and completed it by doing an exchange or 9inn Play vs CPU game.

This would be GREATLY appreciated for people that are still grinding out TAs. That way they know it's actually counting towards your progress.

And while we're at it; how hard would it be to list what Program the stats are associated with in the box to the right of where its calculated?


PERFECT Example.

I just got a notice stating that I just completed 10 hits online with Cardinals players.

This is in the Keith Hernandez Player Program.

Wanna guess who got that last hit?

If you guessed Keith Hernandez, you are correct.

I completed a mission that 'got' me 10 pts towards Keith's program. smdh