Ok this one was just downright silly


So I failed another TA3 moment. This one was really good though. It’s the Mariners clinch game 5 in the 11th inning 1995 one where Edgar doubles and Junior scores from first base to walk it off.

After the usual amount of weak singles up the middle and bad pitches to hit, I finally drive one into the corner with Edgar. I round first and slide in safe for a double only to find JUNIOR is STILL STANDING at SECOND BASE!

This is just embarrassing. I can deal with Edgar being 0-5 one game then 1-4 the next. I can deal with being in T-Mobile instead of the Kingdome and I get that SDS isn’t going to program all the historically accurate players into these moments, but this is just bad.

The actual moment is based on Edgar doubling into the corner with runners at first and third, Griffey scores from first.
Somehow in this version, Junior moves up 90 feet on a double into the corner.

Seriously embarrassing.


Most of the runners aren't advancing past 2nd. It's getting old. Also, how does McCutchen get thrown out at 2nd on a ball hit in the corner? It's an automatic double for the CPU.


I’ve discovered that you cannot start the runner from first or steal second either. I just hit another stand up double into the gap and this time Junior went first to third.

Clearly, the only way to complete this moment is to hit a home run. Again, this is really bad design, IMO.


True story: after about a dozen failed attempts, I switch to directional, point to left field, and instant “perfect” fly ball for a home run. First swing.

That really says a lot about the gameplay eh?


I passed the central first time out. There were a couple tense moments, but went into battle Wood 15-15..... it still took me 10 outs