If they want to help us advance TA stages once stage 3 comes out, they can advance our innings we’ve already played to the next stage. Please SDS? @Collin_SDS

For instance, I have Yankees all the way to 120 affinity points. I’ve generally tried to stay away from using Yankees since (unfortunately) because it’s a waste of innings played. But I’ve still got 84 innings and 45 online innings with Yankees. It would be great if those could innings could advance to the stage 3 innings when it starts instead of going back to zero. I mean, I’ve earned those innings. It would be wonderful to not lose them. Have a few other teams in such a spot and it’s not like it can be abused. Those are innings we’ve played and it gains you, max, 7 points. But that can be an important 7 points for some of us that don’t have a lot of progress on a lot of teams (and it would be great if same about advancing to stage 2 as well)