How long


In all seriousness; how long do you think it would take someone to finish all the following:

2nd, 3rd, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and 5th Inn Conquest Maps?

The Moments for the following:

Posada Player Program, Hernandez Player Program, Dawson Player Program, and the Griffey Sr Player Program?

Jackie Evo: The last 50 pts of the Program?

Showdowns for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Inning Programs?

Not including online stats for the above programs and catching up in Stage 1/2 of TA; that is how far behind I currently am right now.

I'd like to get the above mentioned (minus the TAs and online stats) done before I continue with the 5th Inning Program; but if I'm looking at least a week's worth of heavy grinding; I may just call it a season.

Not sure if the hassle and frustration is worth it. (Set time aside today to at least the rest of the Player Programs (Moments) and within 4 hours of playing; I finished Kaline and have 10pts left to finish Gibson (going to waste a RS game and run with BO Glavin to get the 9 IP with BO pitchers for the final 10 pts).


A good weekend i would assume would get most of that done. I'm working on the TA's that i want finished this weekend. I now have

Nolan Jones
Nolan Gorman
Clarke Schmidt
Nico Horner

And i'm close on Atlanta, Texas, boston, and Anaheim


Everyone is different but personally the player programs take me around 45 mins to an hour to complete the moments and another 20 mins or so to speed play the cpu on allstar for the last 8 points and finish the program.
Jakie took me about 4 hours total because of the conquest stat requirement but seeing u need to complete 5 conquest maps u should be able to knock them out easily within those. Conquest takes roughly an hour on those maps depending on number of strongholds but they have tons of hidden packs so they definitely worth it.
Showdowns take me around an hour to get through but i play all the moments and try to have 10-12 runs heading into the final. 1st and 2nd inning showdowns are tougher then the rest but not bad at all with patience.
So id say with 5 conquest maps, 4 player programs, jakie and the showdowns it would run u in the 15-20 hour range depending on skill and not getting stuck in one spot too long. With as much as u have to do if u get stuck on a single moment or challenge for more then 15-20 mins id move on to next thing and circle back later. Took me almost an hour to finish one of the Hernandez moments i remember, turned off game and came back to it a bit later and knock it out second try.

Best of luck on the grind! Tons of free packs coming your way, hopefully u get some pack luck!