Now I remember why I took a year plus off


Trying to catch up on past Inning Player Programs.

Start the Al Kaline program at 8:30pm EST.

First Moment: I hit in 1 plate appearance: Done in 2 mins

Second Moment: Tally 4 Total Bases: Done in first AB by hitting a Homerun

Third Moment: 1 XBH - 2 Hits: Done in first two ABs.

Fourth Moment: 11 Hits, 4 XBH, 2 HR in 7 games: saved till last.

Fifth Moment: Tally 2 XBHs Done by 3rd AB

Sixth Moment: 3 Hits 1 XBH Finished in my last AB.

Seventh Moment: Get on Base 2x without striking out once. Finished by 3rd AB.

Took me about 30 mins to do all but the 68 WS Moment (4th one)

It is now 11pm EST. 2 hrs since I started the 4th Moment and I am just getting ready to start my FOURTH 7 gm attempt at finishing this

(No wonder I am so far behind; I'm wasting time in Moments that 'state' their on Rookie dufficulty)

*Edit: I'm about to rent the AS Cabrea card to try to get my last 8pts by hitting 3XBHs in the Event


You have to dashboard in the multi game moments.


Kaline moments were the worst


Everything isn’t meant to be completed get the guys you want and have fun.


That’s why there are also a couple other ways to obtain him. You’ve done all of them but one, so you should be at 36 program points. Tally hits online with tigers or whatever it is, then complete an exchange. Then you won’t have to do the moment at all.