Sitting here thinking: Stage 3 TA reveals


Thinking about how they're going to top the FS cards from Stage 2 and it has me thinking.

They have to be at least 95-97s, no? Which brings me to this: what are the chances they either increase the amount of points you need for exchanges or they get rid if the exchange altogether and have it set up as a semi-long grind?

Me personally, I have about 500K invested on cards for the Exchanges. I sold off Trout, whom I packed and probably will NEVER pack again, and Scherzer, whom I also packed; in hopes that I could buy them back after I cash out my investments and maybe make some stubs on the way.

I really can't see them getting rid of the exchange all together, and increasing it may make those Silvers more valuable.

But, and I know investing doesn't always bring positive results, if they get rid of the Exchange option and these players tank hard; I have a feeling that will be the final straw for some people and they'll lose alot of player base.


I doubt they even considered getting rid of exchange options, they would want a way for people to "pay" their way through if they so choosed.


There’s no incentive to get rid of the exchange, that’s where they’ll get stub sales when people want to just buy their way to a card