Sometimes a pitcher needs you to square up with perfect timing, to get the result they need. With Newhouser on the mound, if I need you to hit into a double play I will throw you a 2 seam FB right down the middle of the plate. If you square up, it's going into the dirt. But if you chop at it, slightly high and early. It would probably result in a RBI double depending who's on base. The game is a real life simulator and we complain about the real life results. Math and physics were my favorite subjects. The Physics in results, are 85% percent of the time, right on. Yes there are certain aspects that just don't add up, but sometimes, Your perfect perfect, was not what you needed. If the pitch is way outside (love those pitches) its the perfect placement for a late swing ok contact, double into either gap. Physics is real life. If you use directional, you can really complain, because you're taking the real life aspect, out of the game. I'm not sure if any of this makes sense or if I am the least bit right, but I aced physics in school, and the results I get when batting, add up when I include pitcher skills, type of pitch thrown, ball placement, batter and pitcher handedness, swing angle, timing, etc.

During a conquest game or batting practice, watch a replay turn your camera angle, and you can literally do the math to each at bat. They're correct almost 90% of the time. Baseball isn't an easy game, it isn't as easy as pitch, swing, hit, homerun. People don't like this sport because its so hard to play and be good at, in real life.

Just my personal opinion. Irrelevant, maybe, but thats fine. Maybe it'll help some understand.