Does SDS test these modes before the my release them?


I would think not.

Scenario: First Inning Showdown. First mini mission: Dont Toy With Roy: Tally 2 hits and a run without striking out twice in one inning.

I messed up and didn't get the 2 hits. Got the run, but not the second hit.

So, I should've failed and went onto the next mission?

Nope. They 'make' me pitch the bottom if the first. Technically I could've quit; but if I didn't complete a HITTING mission, in the allotted time frame, WHY AM I PITCHING?

Thanks for adding insult to injury.

And don't get me started on why we have to hit with a pitcher during pitching missions.


No, they don't test and you know it 🙂


Did you check the mission? it probably didn't count an out, so you would've had a chance at the top 2nd.
seen this a bunch, don't make # outs, but at end of that inning it should be 0 bit still says 1.