Online Play - Just what does happen in the Pause Menu??


Is there little magic spells that get cast or something?? Is someone using a lag switch?? Your pitching is spot on and perfect into the 5th inning. Energy and confidence both high....."Your opponent has entered the pause menu". There they sit for 3 minutes and wait until the clock ticks down to about 20 seconds left before they return. Upon returning to the game you finally start your 5th inning. First batter strikes out. They still can't seem to get good contact..."Your opponent has entered the pause menu" - Only sits for about a minute. You continue play and all of a sudden pitches thrown directly over middle of the plate with perfect precision and power either way float away and hit the batter or get thrown 4 feet wide to the backstop. The batter was hit in this scenario. Next pitch is a grounder to short...throw is wide of second even though you simply pressed (not pushed and held) the button and everybody is safe. You aim for a back door slider on the outside with perfect power and precision....and the pitch then floats towards the batters head and hangs over the inside part of the plate and 480 feet into the seats...…….EVERY TIME same scenario. I've tried to continue play but then throw pitches intentionally into the ground and 5 feet outside and they crush it after not being able to hit anything over or near the plate the first 5 innings.

I now probably have over 50 quits and people adding me to groups left and right for unsportsmanlike conduct..all because I quit. Whatever! Stats and records are meaningless to me. I don't play glitchy games!!! If I suspect the other player is using a lag switch to gain an advantage...I will quit. I just want to play a f#(@ing fair game on-line.

If this scenario only happened once or twice I would call it a simple game glitch but it happens every single day and only seems to happen when the oppenent needs to gain an advantage. And it seems that whatever it is; is effecting all of the players because every single throw you throw is wide of where it is supposed to go...including your cut off guy!


You will know when someone lag switches, no doubt. They can do it on the fly tho and no need to pause the game. Encountered a couple this yr and every time they lost connection

It’s only abused when your base running in my circumstance


I know we aren't going to find the perfect game anywhere. All games have their glitches. I just wish they would fix the awful relaxed fielding timing for infielders. A routine grounder to second and the runner is safe at first. It's quite comical.