Last 5 Games


Last five Ranked Seasons games for me:
4-5 L
6-9 L
6-8 L
3-4 L
7-8 L

All super close games. All losses I finally hit 700s again and immediately lost 5 games in a row. Back to 500s. HItting wasn't bad, I actually felt good about how I was hitting. And I wasn't feeling like I was making pitching mistakes very often.

But this is how each RS season has gone for me. How am I ever gonna make WS? This games are all long and grueling and its demotivating as hell to lose close games.


I am in a similar stretch man, it sucks. I'm 0-5 this season with my ranking going all the way back to Regular season... I usually get to CS in other years. I have been playing offline a lot more this year though, which seems to screw up timing.