Fifa ultimate team


Anybody play? How do you feel about the difference between DD and FUT? Personally I love Fifa more in the sense of game vs game But man I wish it was set up more like DD than it is. High end cards are virtually unobtainable in a year without spending a ton of money. Even in a Weekend league it’s all based on luck on the cards you get. You can go 30-0 and get worse rewards than someone with 14 wins.

Just sick of that aspect and wish it were closer to DD.


This game is wayyyy more rewarding for players just playing the game.

FIFA gives you a couple free packs a year. They give you weekly objectives to get certain players. Nowhere do they give out all these high rated cards for just playing the game/missions/moments. Do you think FIFA would give out 97 Bellingers?

I haven't bought any packs in this game, yet I've opened around 300. All those were from Conquest, Showdowns, daily rewards, and programs.

When I gave up playing FIFA as my sole game, for this game, I couldn't believe all the "free" cards I got, and how great some of them are. FIFA is a complete money grab.


Totally agree with you! They’ve actually banned fifa points in Belgium and might be on its way to the UK. I can definitely get behind them allowing them if they were closer to an MLB model instead because MLB gives you so many different ways to get
Players and rewards that actually are usable.