created player constantly being benched during Simulated games..


Hi everyone! Wondering if anybody else has had this issue..

In my offline franchise, every time i simulate a game the CPU will have my created player (99 overall) either hit 1 time & then be benched or not hit at all & be benched..

i turned all options in the menu to manual but it doesnt seem to fix anything as the CPU will still bench my created player after 1 or 0 AB in game.

i have him in his main spot, good at defense, etc. any clue what could be causing this to happen?

maybe its because CPU doesnt want him to get hurt or something? its really frustrating to be force to quick manage every game instead of the calendar sim..


I'm guessing it's because they have neglected franchise for years, that's why the player options are wrong, can't sign somebody midseason, lineups change for no reason, etc. I wish they would put some time into the mode and fix it - bring back when we used to be able to set prices for concessions, merchandise, etc. Make the relocation actually worthwhile instead of having to use parks with other teams slapped all over it, there's a lot they could fix