Sds please fix the bug


In your company. Customer service and communicating with your consumers. I could be wrong but have we seen any face of Sds? Have they explained the working conditions? Are they back at the studios? Are they working from home? Do they expect the game to be fully operational once the pandemic ends?

Everyone else is utilizing technology to still stay in contact with people they CARE about and appreciate. Where is Sds? I'd doesnt have to be a group meeting it could be the person in charge saying something like this.

" hey guys we are going through a tough time right now..with the pandemic and the game being in the state it's in. We hate that this is tampering with your enjoyment of the game but we value you and appreciate your support during these times. Etc...

It just seems like Sds shys from camera communication when something is wrong on their end. Did they ever address the hot mic incident from last year? When they plan on making changes to xp on showdown or they announce it or just do it and let us figure it out. It seems like they are running this game like a tyrant and not someone trying to appeal to the consumer.

There representatives are patch notes and the developers on this forum. Which basically monitor us more than engage with the community. We know there's nothing we can hold all they keys and we are your slaves..all we are asking for is just a hint of showing you care...that's all...just a hint.

I will give them credit though when they do delete a message or close a post they are at least informative to why this is happening...just carry it over to the state of the game...

We are making changes to showdown because abcdefg....thank you these changes should reflect on next patch..happy gaming!

It works better than keeping quiet on certain issues and then coming out and saying new cards Friday. At least address it. Hey guys we know such and such is a mess we are correcting it in the meantime check out this new player sets.


How long does it take for them to respond to an email?

I sent one the other day and havent received a reply.