Anyone having fun?


I know the pandemic means we’ve all played a lot of the Show by this point.

Is anyone still having fun? I took a break for a couple days, then come back and started Vizquel moments.

They were definitely not fun for me and I’m going back to bad tv for the rest of the night.

Anyone else losing interest?


Bought the game late so just got a full diamond team, now playing March to october to get some players through team affinity. Theres alot of this game left so I hope I can save up Stubbs to get trout to finally get collection done, those team affinity packs may help fill rest of collection. Ps anyone else annoyed at the clear troll play by sds by making springers silloute same as trout's for diamond pulls, majority of packs I open are free some could count the diamonds I've pulled on one hand and two of them are Springer lol sure others have had worse luck though with Springer pulls