Favorite DD Mode?


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I think Showdown would be my top pick if it wasn't for all the frustrating Good/Okay easy outs and predictable double plays on high fastballs I seem to get. The rate I lose these things with a tied score is alarming.

Generally I tend to vote for Ranked seasons just because I enjoy playing a full competitive game (assuming game is close and no rage quits...).

Showdown is too frustrating. Too many good okays and stuff like that. I hate the feeling of spending stubs and then the game screws you. I also hate the draft and pitching missions. Ranked can be ehh

I'm ok with most of that...stubs is easily made back by getting through a few missions...the draft is a fun aspect to it and pitching missions seem to be mostly "get the save". Admittedly I hate having to pitch when theres no requirements...like if you need to score 2 runs within 3 innings but theres no pitching side requirements (why not just auto-skip to the next top half of the inning?)

The good okays just royally screw you constantly though. Dead center PCI, good timing....you're better off hitting it off the end of the bat.


RS and Showdown