Sorry Sawchuk. I really am


I tried sending you a message about how bad I felt about my win but you block messages, so I decided to pen an open letter....

It's not your fault that you ran over 1st base with your first baseman and it didn't register and it allowed me a hit. And then the next batter goes yard....

It's not your fault that with 2 outs and the game 3-2 your gold shield Peralta camped under a fly ball only to let it drop and trap it. I then put 4 runs up....

This is my virtual hug. You were never going to win that game. Ever. The programming said so. The sad part is lots of folks around here enjoy this poker machine of a game. The deck is stacked sometimes for no reason.


Geez. I lost like that one time. My 1B ran over the bag and then stood there for a good ten seconds before he decided to throw the ball


This is just sad.