Now I know why


They're giving Extra Stubs an XP if you complete all the Kaline Moments.

Because that 11 Hits - 4XBH - 2HR moment is next to impossible.

Attempted twice so far. Went 14 games at 4 at bats per game for a total of 56 ABs

Total number of XBHs and HRs: A big fat ZERO!

About to say screw the extra XP and stuvs and play the Tigers on AS.


Are you online people playing The Show like its a mobile game? Just doing quests to accumulate XP and stuff, wow, and you guys are the ones saying Franchise is boring.


2 hours later and I STILL can't beat this Moment.

Starting to wonder why I'm even trying; considering even IF I complete this, get his online hitting stats, and complete everything else BUT the voucher, I'll be at 290 Stars.