Ok so I thought this would have been taken care of once mlb 20 came out after how bad this was on mlb 19, but apparently not. No doubt home run animations again have the floating bat glitch occur, and it seems like a lot more are affected. Fernando tatis jr, matt carpenter, manny machado, pete alonso, alex bregman, mitch garver and mookie betts are a few of the stances whose no doubt home run animations have the floating bat glitch. I triggered no doubt home run animations with these stances 6 or 7 times each since i got early access, and all seemed well and good (matt carpenters was bugged from the start} but ever since update 1.04 released (not saying they are related) ive started to experience their no doubt home run animations glitch again. It infuriates me that these still happen, theyll even occasionally happen with a regular swing randomly in game. If anyone else also experiences these please let me know. I know times are tough/weird right now, and this doesnt exactly break the game, and that these guys have bigger game issues to worry about, but if i could just get an answer either way as to whether or not this would be fixed would make me feel better. Ill leave a link below showing these bugs in action.