Ideas for Showdown


I really like the idea of a showdown itself, but the mode the way it is now is too long unless you skip to the final showdown. I have no idea where the concept of 15 runs comes from, but you can still use that as a goal to beat like going 12-0 in BR. Why not just ditch the moments and mini bosses, draft a team (you can even add a perk or two), and just earn rewards based on the number of runs you score? Kind of like BR.

You know what would be really fun? Head-to-head online showdown! That way, both teams can be drafted, and you too can pitch wild, make diving catches, and make all the quadruple plays you want! Maybe throw in some pitching and fielding perks while we're at it. Why let the computer have all the fun?

I've also seen the suggestion where we get to use our DD teams.

I would play this.

Any thoughts? Other ideas?


Nothing long about it. It can be done in an hour and a half, quicker if you're really good. That's 20 points applied towards an affinity, 40 for three hours. When it comes to time, they're fine just the way they are.


If 20 TA points for 1.5 hours is just fine, then wouldn't it be better if it takes less time to get the same reward? Score 16 runs, get 5 vouchers. If you're starting at zero runs because the moments are gone, wouldn't this make it hard enough to still justify the same rewards? I just don't think a game mode that is basically rewarding you for patience should be this long.

Better yet, why not have a diamond player as a reward? Or, have one or two vouchers as a reward for each run scored (maybe towards the end after silver player packs and gold player packs for the first 1-10 runs scored), so if I only score 15 runs, I at least leave with a couple vouchers even if I left a lot more of them on the table.

If you don't win the showdown, why slog through all the moments and mini bosses again? I'd rather just start another final showdown. I've had several of those walk off moments go into extra innings, and then there's my favorite moments where you have already failed because of some pitching requirement but have to bat the bottom of the last inning. No thanks.

The final showdown is what gets me amped to play. Playing through the moments makes me cringe, especially if I need something new after playing moments for POTM or Evolution, etc. I'd rather just fire up a final showdown, earn rewards as I score, rinse, and repeat. I would LOVE to go head-to-head online. If each player gets a turn on offense and on defense, it would still take less time than this slog of a game mode.