Card types


I was thinking about this as I perused the market. So, last year they said a Signature Series card was going to be that player's best card. Makes sense. They said that was the big part of Sigs, was that you could always tell that it was the best version of that player.

This year, in adding Prime and Awards, I believe they said those are on par with Signature Series. So, would we be right to assume that a Prime or Award card are going to be the best of that player too? Any insight you can lend to this @Collin_SDS

If so, this is the best version we'll see of Oswalt (makes sense since he can prestige to 95). Same for Ozzie Smith and a 95, Paul Molitor's award card (Sorry Brewers fans).

I'm curious.


I’m fairly certain they said in one of the pre release streams that awards and prime will also be a players best card but not 100% sure


probably. For example, I would assume that griffeys best card is a prime card and not a sig series. The first half of his career was insane but not so much the second half.