Chances the 3rd Inning Bosses drop


down below 35K before the Inning ends?

I had a chance to pick up the 2 I disnt choose right before I went away for a week and didn't. They were around 34K.

Now they're around 44-38K.

I know they'll keep value because of the Event; but wondering if I should just get them now.


they will prob go up once the 4th inning program starts. i think chipper is around 40k now. The market is doing strange things lately lol. it sucks that there is no baseball because then the the cards would gain more
value in price depending how good a player does.


If they add one more portion of missions for program stars maybe. If they don’t add anything else to earn more stars it’ll stay pretty much where it is. I think this has had just about as much as any program so far so I wouldn’t be expecting another 20-30 stars for anything.