New to the game. Have some questions.


Juat got this game today; but have seen friends play it. Bought the Digital Deluxe version.

I have a couple of questions.

  1. I was lucky enough to pull LS Verlander out of my packs that came with the bundle. Right now he would be my #1 Starter. Do I keep him or sell him? Will he go down in price if I wait? I probably won't go for Mantle, let alone Biggio; as I can't see paying over 300k for a player (Trout) that isn't even the highest CFer in the game.

  2. I've read that my best route would be to do all the Player Programs, to get those cards, then work on Showdown/MTO runs for the FOTF and FS cards. But what about Conquest? Should I complete them first, for the stubs, Inning progress, and XP?

  3. After Verlander, a few Gold SP, a few Gold Infielders, and whomever I take in my 2 Diamond Legend packs (not sure if I want a hitter and a pitcher or two of the same position), my team is mostly Bronze with 2 Silvers. Should I use sone of the 25K I got to buy some players to upgrade positions or just fill them with the Free Player Program cards?

If it matters, I'll probably only play offound modes for the first few months.

  1. I'd keep a close eye on Verlander. The higher diamonds have been creeping up the past couple weeks. Verlander was like 70K a couple weeks he is pushing 100k. So if you want to potentially sell him for more, hold off.

  2. Do the smaller maps of Conquest first as some of the smaller ones have way more random packs that come with them. The big one is just kind of a grinder.

  3. If you aren't worried about the collections just have fun and buy some of your favorite players. Make sure you dont lock them in and if you dont like them for whatever reason just resell them and keep it moving.

Hope you have fun!


I love being able to grind out conquest. Idk why its just enjoyable for me. I also love MTO. Most of my team is the free packs from Conquest(Prospect Packs) and its a good start for someone who isn't a stud player yet(IDK your skill level just an assumption).


Well, I was thinking of selling Verlander and using that yowarss getting some LS Diamonds/Golds and maybe trying out the Event.

Figure if I dont do well; it won't affect me as much as jumping into competitive H2H.

However, I cant seem to pull the trigger on 7-8 LS Diamonda that will be replaced by 'better' players.

Wonder if I could just fill out my open positions with some LS Golds and at least compete in the Event?


The first thing I would do is sell that bag Verlander and hold the coins because he’s never been this much. The second thing I would do is the Snell player program up until 70 points, that will give you 2 extra 7,000 coin cards and a 30,000 coin card you can sell for a really high price as a result of a collection mission that really isn’t worth it. That brings you to like 150k+ and 200k easily when you finish a few conquest maps and get the diamond packs from there.

With the 200k I’d take maybe and half look at some Team Affinties, and split them, half grind/showdown and half stub exchange for stage 1. Then nothing but showdowns for stage 2. There’s another 9k, 10+ packs in each affinity, so you earn a small amount back when you do it through an exchanges. I’d pick some teams who’s cards you like now, but would also like the potential legends and flashbacks they release later that will be even better. You should be able to get quite a few all the way to stage 2 with how cheap they are right now. Looks for threads on best players for exchanges.

I wouldn’t do any Affinties yet though, I would do that Snell, then everything I need for the third inning because those are the only timed missions. So the Hernandez and Dawson player programs before the Granderson or Jackie programs. The 3rd inning showdown before other showdowns. The third inning conquest before the others.

Then do whatever you want. I’d probably stay away from the event, a lot of stacked live series teams, there’s a lot of cards to earn, but almost none of them are live series. I’d totally skip it and try to catch up on your own team