Cheaters beware: Online play about to be fixed?


I sent the below proposal to SDS over the weekend while also reporting 2 online cheaters. I received promising responses from both Chuck and Kasey this afternoon. So it looks like maybe SDS is starting to take the online problems seriously? Time will tell...

@Nats19Champions said in Online play has become a disaster:

Here's how online play could be mostly fixed:

  1. Stop assigning wins and losses in the event of a server freeze.
  2. Fix lagging that is resulting in bad umpire calls and game-changing plays.
  3. Allow players a limited number of chances to leave an online game before a pitch is thrown to prevent mismatches.
  4. Do not allow starting pitchers to be used as relievers or, at the very least, severely limit their stamina.
  5. Disable the "hold R2" feature after the first inning a given pitcher is in the game.
  6. Make bunt defense better to prevent online abuse of bunting.
  7. Limit the number of pauses during a game, not just pause time.
  8. Do not allow friendly quit requests in the last 10 seconds of a player's pause time.
  9. Investigate reports of cheating and ban/strip wins from those who are caught doing so.
  10. Players who received losses as a result of proven cheating should also have those losses removed from their record.

Why did none of you guys think of this before?


What were the responses?


No need for another thread.