Am I correct in assuming


that when you complete a Player Program you get that player's card, the associated stubs within the program, the stubs from completing the Moments associated with it, and the XP? Plus any free packs in the program itself?

So if I complete the Kerry Wood Program; I'll get ALL of the following:

2,350 in stubs (from the actual Program)
1,850 stubs (by completing all the Moments)
4,500 in XP
His 85 AS card
3 LS Cubs Player Packs

So if I complete ALL the Moments and get an additional 8pts from Missions; I can walk away with a handful od Silver and Bronze LS Cubs, 4,200 in stubs, 4,500 in XP, and a Diamond CP?


you are correct


Can't confirm those numbers but yeah you get everything so long as you earn the points