This idea might not be agreed upon by everyone but could be better than what we have at the moment.

The playoff grind is annoying af for many reasons. Yes it’s supposed to be a grind and that’s fine. The use of momentum is basically useless in the playoffs especially when you win 130 games in the reg szn and start game 1 of the DS losing already.

I think a perfect compromise to this would be to give us options of either 1. Having the momentum be a factor into the playoffs and how the games will start/the situations. Or 2. Being able to play every game from the start and give us full control so we don’t have to start a game losing. This option will obviously make it longer since and obviously take away jumping into the 5th inning up 2-0 but will also take away the anger we get when we join a game losing already. Plus more grind will mean more XP, stubs, etc.

Having a simple “use momentum” option or “start from 1st pitch” would be great if it could be possible. All of these are just thoughts to help out the grind that MTO is.