Doing an American League showdown, and the mission right before the second boss is to hit a Home Run off Nate Pearson. Manage to load the bases and score a run thanks to an awful error by Bo Bichette, but no fly balls, and my 3 best hitters all strike out swinging. Second inning was a long but fruitless inning, resulting in a strikeout and two really weak infield flies. third inning is a strikeout, strikeout, and an extremely long at bat resulting in a wall scraping homer from LS Gallo. Since I'm already dead inside from that, and my picks of Ramon Laureano and 3 pitchers, the second boss? Nate Pearson. I was already dreading it, but the first pitch is deposited into the bullpen thanks to the pure muscle of LS Adalberto Mondessi. and 2 batters later Joe Carter takes him deep first pitch. Weird how I could barely get balls out of the infield in the homer moment, but balls just flew off the bat in the showdown!