Franchise: Boston rebuild.


This will be my 4th and final attempt at a franchise this year. I will be choosing a roster and editing it a bit later tonight. I will post random updates on this thread. I welcome others to update me on your franchises as well. I miss when people posted franchise threads.


Roster I'm using: RidinRosters V2.5.

Free agent signings pre entering franchise:

Vizcaino to Mariners 1/YR $1.00M.

Russell to Reds 1/YR $600K.

Gennett to Marlins 3/YR $10.00M.

Puig to Giants 4/YR $20.00M.

Now entering my franchise.

Playing as: Red Sox.

Starting in the field:

C : Vazquez.

1B: Moreland/Chavez Platoon.

2B: Peraza/Chavis Platoon.

3B: Devers.

SS: Bogaerts.

LF: Benitendi.

CF: Bradley.

RF: Pillar.

DH: Martinez.


C : Plawecki.

C : Lucroy.

SS: Lyn.

3B: Munoz.


SP: Rodriguez, Perez, Eovaldi, Weber, Shawaryn.

LRP: Walden.

RLP: Brewer, Hembree, Taylor.

SU: Barnes, Brasier.

CP: Workman.

Note: Sale, Verdugo, McHugh and Pedroia all start the year on the IL.

My Plan: Quick manage some, play some until I get to where I was in mid August of 2020. I will determine the games I play by certain things. Ie. Key games in depending on where I am in the standings or pitching match ups. I will Quick Manage the rest. That way I can still control key moments. Once I reach where I was in my previous franchise I will play out the remainder of 2020. I will then use my quick manage some play some strategies for 2021 and beyond.

Will update as things happen.


April 11th Update:

SP Sale off the IL. Takes ace spot in rotation.

MRP Valdez called up.

SP Shawaryn to minors.

MRP Brewer to Minors.


April 24th Update:

SP Hall called up.

MRP Valdez to minors.


April 25th Update:

SP Perez put on IL with broken wrist.

SP Shawaryn called up.


May 1st update:

SS Aruaz called up.

SS Lin to minors.


May 4th update:

MRP Springs called up.

SP Hall to minors.


May 18th Update:

RF Verdugo off IL.

MRP Osich called up

MRP Springs to minors.

C Lucroy to minors.


May 21st Update:

SP Mata called up.

SP Shawaryn to minors.

MRP Valdez claimed off waivers by Giants.


May 24th Update:

SP McHugh off IL

LF Benintendi to IL with Broken Shin.


May 26th Update:

SP Sale to IL with Torn Hamstring.

SP Shawaryn called up.


You notice how no one cares?


@SpudXpert27 said in Franchise: Boston rebuild.:

You notice how no one cares?

Could really care less who cares and who doesn't. I'm doing it for 2 reasons.

  1. For my own records.

  2. Because I miss when people use to do this. If no one cares that's fine. They don't have to read.


June 4th Update:

MRP Brice called up.

MRP: Osich to minors.


June 15th Update:

MRP Hernandez called up.

SP Shawaryn to minors.


June 23 update:

Perez off IL.

Weber to minors.


June 25th Update:

Bradley, Munoz, Johnson to Padres for Patino, Stammen.

MRP Stammen to minors.

RF Wilson called up.

RF Duran called up.


July 2nd Update:

CP Workman to IL with shoulder tear.

CP Hildenberger called up.


July 14th Update:

Bogaerts, Devers & Walden All Star Selection.


July 23rd Update:

SP Sale off IL.

CF Benintendi off IL.

McHugh to IL Shoulder Strain.

Hernandez, Duran & Poyner to Reds for Senzel.

Ss Arauz to Minors.


July 31st Update:

3 team trade:

Dodgers get Martinez, Plawecki from BOS.

Pirates get Stripling & Hernandez from LAD & Peraza from BOS.

Red Sox get Peterson & Graterol from LAD & Taillon from PIT.

1B Dalbec called up.

SS Aruaz called Up.

C Lucroy called up.

RF Wilson to minors.

SP Mata to minors.


August 6th Update:

SP McHugh off IL.

MRP Hembree to minors.

MRP Brewer claimed off waivers by A's.

3B Devers 1/YR 9.00M contract.


Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne


August 10th Update:

CP Workman off IL.

CP Hildenberger to minors.

SP Rodriguez 1/YR 8.00M contract.


I’m actually starting to enjoy following this. You haven’t updates the standings though.