The real problem with these hitting outcomes


“Realistic” batting averages be what they may, to me the real problem with the randomized hitting outcomes is this.

Sure, I can give up runs on a Colin McKay very late slightly jammed bloop and then make three straight outs on good good, good squared, good good 100+ off the bats of Hoskins, Seager and Urshela.

I can take the loss, because hey, I put good swings on the ball which is all I can do. But my opponent who bunts and steals and attempts squeezes all game gets validated for playing bush league baseball.

The real problem is not so much that the better player doesn’t always win, but rather that the community and gameplay suffer from cheesers being encouraged.

That’s my passive aggressive rant of the day.


It is hard when people are rolling out lineups of Trout, Mantle, Piazza, Biggio, Bellinger, Sandberg against Pitchers like Kluber, Blue, Mathewson, Feller, Scherzer, deGrom etc. When push comes to shove. People feel like they should be hitting better above .300 with these legends and superstars and people feel that they should be pitching to the tune of sub 3.00 ERAs. This expectation is unrealistic. Something has to give you know. and that appears in the form of very late jammed hits and good okay outs. Its not perfect but this mode is unrealistic.

One thing that I think is hard for them to encompass is real life hitter holes and weakness and strengths. Like if Cody Bellinger is EXCELLENT at hitting curveballs down and in and high fastballs, but I am terrible at recognizing curveballs and catching up to high fastballs, how do they balance that? If I always sit on Inside fastball but bellinger notoriously gets jammed on that, how do they balance that? Does my input get rewarded or does Cody Bellinger's real life tendencies supersede that?


Yeah, the perennial argument of input vs attributes. Some of us might want more of a sim experience, others not.

Personally, I’m starting to think I would enjoy DD more if it were all created/fantasy players. That way nobody would be rationalizing randomized outputs in the name of “it happens in real baseball”.

Remember how awesome games like Super Mario Baseball were?

I can play ootp perfect team if I want a sim.