This is a question for SDS, but if anyone else knows the answer, happy to hear it. I have struggled a great deal this year with hitting (yes. I might be the only one). Not simply complaining about getting Good Goods, or PCIs not matching with the hit delivered (though I do agree that these are issues). My complaint has been that I can't seem to hit on ANY mode (full disclosure, I'm mostly offline, but occasionally try BR or RS). I have yet to complete a Showdown (except the baby wheels Starter one) because I can't get more than about 2 runs in any game mode.

Last night i looked at my settings and both pitching and hitting were set to Legend. My recollection was that they had been set by me on opening day at veteran. I reset them to veteran, but have not had a chance to play since.

How much does the game setting difficulty affect what you do in various game modes? Ranked should be determined by rating. BR is All-Star right through. Events are determined by the parameters. Conquest depends on fan numbers/steal fan choices. etc. So I'm curious if I've been awful at hitting because my settings were not ideal for me, or the other choice, where I'm just bad at hitting (yes. I've considered THAT as well).

Just curious. I'll maybe know better tonight after the patch/work is done etc.