XP Rewards Blocked?


I don't play online much (don't have a PSP account) and play mostly offline, but i'm not sure this is a glitch or not...

I noticed that XP is registering, but that rewards n' such are not unlocking. So like everything worked until I hit Level 40 Bronze. I am a bit over it, but all of the Level 40+ rewards are locked despite being over in the XP?

Is this some sort of glitch or something you guys see reguarly? I don't go into DD much, just to see the card collection and play a moment or two for quick play. I've never seen something like this.



It's a glitch. Collect any additional xp and it will unlock.


Thanks for the reply. I actually turned the game off, turned it back on, and it still didn't register. So I hit the sensor button (I guess that's what it's called), and even though I was logged in, and it had my info, all of my game e-mails were non-existant. Like there was no e-mail or notifications in-game.

Suddenly when I click on XP Reward Path, it registers and unlocks the reward path.

Strange... gotta be a glitch. I also noticed in my DD team that everytime I clicked on it, it would show another user's team (not kidding), but if I clicked on my roster, it would register my team.

Anytime I did a Team Affinity (was in Moments), when it took me back out, it tried to make my DD team's colors suddenly the color of the TA that I did. Like if you did the Twins, your DD teams colors were changed to the Twins. White Sox the same. Marlins, etc.

Strangest thing i've ever seen and i've been playing since The Show 06 on PS2.


Yeah I've noticed that you need to go into the xp rewards to unlock them occasionally, no idea why this is