Thats was with the new potm didi. It was a homerun with a pci placement of 9 never mind that he was early.

This [censored] can’t keep happening this game was for WS and it didn’t help that the whole game it felt like I was swinging underwater.

I had 7 13/14 outs yet I couldn’t get anything going. On top of all of that late in the game I steal 2nd with Pierre the ball is in the dirt and it goes by his catcher on my screen the ball is at the wall so I take 3rd. The ball magically appears infront of the catcher and I’m toast.

Again this [censored] can’t keep happening. I love baseball it’s the only game I can play everyday and not get bored. But man you guys are testing my love for the sport. It just isn’t fun when things like this happens in the worst situations. I’m so fed up at this point and yes I can quit anytime I understand that. But is it so freaking hard to give ppl an enjoyable experience?