Question about baserunning.


I've noticed that when I'm playing H2H games my opponent's runners have a base designation beside their players.
Meaning that's the base they're going to try to run to during the play. If its a fast runner usually it's either Third or Home.

What setting is that under Baserunning?

Right now, the only way I'm able to run to a particular base is if I hold the L1 button. And it will only show the next basd available.


@jhack9 said in Question about baserunning.:

This .

So what they are doing is after they hit the ball; they're using the Left stick and let's say 'X' to have it loaded for the runner to keep running to home; until they cancel it?

It has nothing to do with the game settings in the menu?


It depends on which running setup you are using? Default or classic?