Can you import full custom rosters - like a redraft of whole league? Download, API, other?


I've played Diamond Mind baseball for years (not looking to debate 🙂 - I know the audiences/differences). Anyway, I saw this year you could make custom teams in MLB the Show 20, so I thought I'd try The Show.

Given no live games in MLB, I thought it would be fun to create our DMB league in MLB the Show and "watch" some baseball. What I am not super keen on doing is hand trading the 1000-ish players on the 30 base-line MLB franchises to morph them into our 30 team, 35 man roster structure (includes some minors).

I've searched a number of locations and I see about creating a player / importing a player. I see how to modify, call it the Detroit Tigers to one of our "teams" as far as franchise name / logo / etc goes, and even move the stadium. The only way i see to change the players though is through trading, and that seems like a massive effort.

I see "Rosters" that people have made online, but don't know how those were done. Maybe they were made by inside the game, transaction at a time. If so that doesn't help me as I'm trying to in same fashion "build" the teams with players we've already divvied up.

I also read somewhere about a draft - is there a way to like, release all players, then hand change the team names etc (would love to import a file/settings), and then draft them all? Not perfect, but better than trading.

Any help appreciated. Apologies if a noob question, but I did search around and couldn't find anything specific for this.

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Thanks @HustlinOwl - I did read this one, which is where I found most things. But it sounded like downloading a custom DB of fictional players (see the article text "The first thing you’ll need is access to an excellent custom roster with fictional players. Bacon from the Operation Sports community..."). I was really looking to built the "import" file with real players, just reallocated to different teams. For example, paste of roster from our league below. Assume that was called Fictional Team 1 - trying to find the easiest way (for 30 teams) do redistribute the players.

S Name P Bats Age AVG PW AVG PW Sac Hit Run Stl Jmp Injury Clutch
Michael Brantley lf Lsp 32 .282 Fr .323 Ex Fr Av Av Av Pr Normal Terror
Alex Bregman 3b Rp 25 .350 Ex .274 Ex Pr Pr Av Ex Pr Normal Normal
C.J. Cron 1b Rsp 29 .326 Ex .225 Vg Pr Pr Pr Pr Pr Prone Normal
Brandon Dixon 1b Rsp 27 .278 Vg .238 Vg Pr Pr Av Ex Av Normal Normal
Ben Gamel lf Lsp 27 .354 Fr .220 Av Fr Pr Vg Fr Fr Normal Normal
f Erik Gonzalez ss Rsp 27 .333 Pr .213 Fr Fr Fr Av Ex Av Very pr Normal
Robbie Grossman lf Ssp 29 .173 Fr .250 Fr Fr Pr Av Av Av Normal Normal
Yulieski Gurriel 1b Rp 35 .241 Ex .320 Ex Fr Pr Fr Av Fr Normal Normal
f Ian Happ - 2nd 2b Ssp 24 .233 Ex .273 Ex Vg Pr Av Vg Fr Normal Normal
Ramon Laureano cf Rp 24 .296 Vg .285 Ex Fr Pr Ex Ex Av Prone Normal
Tim Locastro lf Rp 26 .225 Av .265 Pr Fr Pr Av Ex Vg Normal Normal
Jeff McNeil lf Lp 27 .312 Av .320 Ex Fr Av Av Pr Fr Prone Normal
Max Muncy 2b Lsp 28 .268 Ex .242 Ex Pr Fr Av Ex Pr Prone Terror
Wilson Ramos c Rp 31 .346 Vg .270 Av Pr Pr Pr Fr Pr Normal Normal
f Christin Stewart lf Lsp 25 .236 Fr .232 Av Pr Pr Pr Pr Pr Prone Normal
f Lane Thomas - S cf Rsp 23 .364 Ex .296 Ex Pr Pr Av Fr Vg Prone Normal
Trea Turner ss Rsp 26 .316 Av .292 Ex Vg Av Av Ex Ex Prone Normal
Matt Wieters c Ssp 33 .195 Ex .220 Vg Fr Pr Pr Fr Pr Prone Normal
f Justin Williams - U rf Lsp 23 .000 Pr .000 Pr Pr Pr Pr Pr Pr Normal Normal
Total 27.4 .290 .270

                               vsLHB vsRHB --Bunt-              Dur                                 

S Name P T Age AVG AVG Sac Hit Run Stl Jmp S R Hld WP BK GB% Jam Injury
f Ronald Bolanos sp R 22 .250 .206 Pr Pr Pr Pr Pr Av Ex Ex 30 71 47 Normal Normal
Zack Britton mr L 31 .158 .191 Pr Pr Pr Pr Pr Av Vg 32 18 80 Normal Iron
Yimi Garcia mr R 28 .171 .182 Pr Pr Pr Pr Pr Av Av 11 500 33 Tough Normal
Domingo German sp R 26 .242 .210 Pr Pr Pr Pr Pr Av Ex Vg 23 0 43 Normal Prone
Gio Gonzalez sp L 33 .147 .257 Av Pr Pr Pr Pr Fr Av 36 0 54 Normal Very pr
f Jandel Gustave - 2nd mr R 26 .242 .189 Pr Pr Pr Pr Pr Av Vg 15 67 46 Normal Normal
f Conner Menez - X mr L 24 .182 .243 Av Pr Pr Pr Pr Pr Av Av 73 76 33 Normal Normal
Charlie Morton sp R 35 .227 .202 Pr Pr Pr Pr Pr Vg Vg 17 144 55 Normal Iron
Adam Ottavino mr R 33 .241 .177 Pr Pr Pr Pr Pr Av Pr 29 403 44 Normal Iron
Hyun-Jin Ryu sp L 32 .199 .245 Ex Pr Pr Pr Pr Vg Vg 0 0 61 Normal Prone
Casey Sadler mr R 28 .241 .230 Pr Pr Pr Pr Pr Vg Ex 8 35 59 Normal Normal
Stephen Strasburg sp R 30 .192 .224 Av Pr Pr Pr Pr Vg Fr 25 0 59 Normal Iron
Felipe Vazquez cl L 27 .191 .199 Pr Pr Pr Pr Pr Av Vg 33 21 50 Tough Normal
Wei-Chung Wang mr L 27 .220 .254 Pr Pr Pr Pr Pr Av Av 13 500 43 Normal Normal
Total 28.7 .212 .219

And if the fictional/Bacon thing is actually that, I apologize. Just didn't sound like it in the article. Again appreciate the info!