Serious question about late game changes


I really dont believe in DDA. Even in madden I'm not convinced it exists. Someone would have found the logic in the code by now if it truly did.

That said, I'd love to know how an opponent goes from swinging at everything and being no hit to all off a sudden being an eagle eye Eddie and getting a bat on everything once the late innings start happening, even with a pitching change.

Is it simply a fact that we humans are not random and regardless of the pitching change that opponent pick up on tendencies that well to become a completely different player than the one we faced in the first 7 innings? It's almost as if an opponent handed the controller to someone else lol


It's funny where they suddenly start hitting you for one inning, then next inning just as suddenly start flailing again.


I always find that the first inning or two facing my opponent are harder

  1. because i typically need to learn the arm slot and break of their pitches if i haven't faced them yet
  2. people usually tend to have a pitching style they gravitate towards. maybe not as simple as 'throws curveballs in the dirt with 2 strikes' but maybe more of 'repeats fastballs when ahead in the count.' or ' follows up curve swings and misses with changeups' etc. and it takes a few innings to establish that and predict it
  3. pitcher energy/confidence matters for pitch break and velocity. it might be easier to pickup the break of sliders by inning 7-8