Decide to start the Jackie Program Friday.

Took about 4 hours to complete the first set of the 'least fun I've had. Would rather watch paint dry' moments. (I'm talking about you Get on base 3x and get 2 SBs)

Then it took until 4pm EST TODAY to get the other 10pts (did the two Conquest Missions (RBIs and Stolen Bases).

Decided to take a break for a few hours and just started the Stage 2 Missions.

First Mission: Get 7H 2XB 2SBs Don't get 5 Ks in 7 games.

First game: 4 STRAIGHT ground balls to second.

Second game: 2 ground balls to second and 2 walks. However BOTH walks were when someobe wasalrasy on 1st; so no SB attempts.

Third Game: 4 singles. But 2 singles were when someone was already on first so no SB attempts. Other 2 singles left me as the only runner on base; but wanted me to steal on a 3-2 quick count!

Fourth game. See third game.

If you want to give us stolen base moments, have it set that NOBODY else is on base and there are NO quick counts.

I'm thinking the time spent on trying to get a Diamond player who won't even make my bench, could've been spent playing MTO!

Either that, or watching paint dry!