2nd inning choice-help deciding


I have TA Conforto, 99 Reggie, and a combination of May's, Ketel (who I love and is a switch hitter) , Yelchin and Duke in my OF. I have 91 Helton at 1B, Keel at 2nd when he's not in the OF and Lindor at SS with 86 Sheff at 3B who plays better than his stats.

My staff is Oswalt, Kruger, DeGrom, Walter Johnson/Smoltz/Glavine/Maddux/85 Gibson

Just not sure who to pick.

Carter won't replace Reggie and I don't like him in CF.....in LF I have TA Conforto who rakes for me but that might be a possibility.

I love Lindor (he's a switch hitter too) so not sure I wanna move him for Hanley. Sheff has been so good I don't wanna put Hanley at 3rd.

And I never could control any Feller card very well, for whatever reason his delivery and the timing is always off for me.

What to do!!!!!


you can always sell