The system of exchanging players is very useful and also a good way to build up a healthy Stubs balance if the person using the Exchange is paying acute attention to the Community Market.

Having said that, using the Exchange for more than a few transactions takes way too long, eating up time which could be spent playing the game. I'd like to suggest a change to the Exchanges which would increase our efficiency by an enormous factor. To put it another way, this feature would be such an amazing addition that I'd be willing to pay for it. (I'm not encouraging that sort of micro-transaction, mind you... just emphasizing how much I'd love the change I'm about to describe).

Let's say that I'm exchanging unneeded Common players for Bronze players. Instead of doing each transaction one by one... 14x100, 3x156, 2x191, repeat, or 11x100, 6x128, 2x191, repeat, etc... it would be so, so, SO much better if I could highlight all of the players I want to exchange and then get back the appropriate number of bronze cards back. So basically if I dump 225,000 points worth of Common cards, the system would display something like: "Exchange selected cards for 100 Bronze cards?"

Man oh man I'd save so, so much time if this happened. Thanks for considering feedback!

All the best,