Sometimes this game surprises me


Taking a break from The Show bashing....

I fired up showdown this morning.
I had a mission in the AL Central where I had to beat the Twins.
I was pitching in the bottom of the 9th inning in a tied game.

The leadoff hitter laces a single to right. On the second pitch of the next AB, he takes off for second.
My first thought is "I got this SOB", but no Donaldson hits a perfectly placed single in the space my SS vacated to cover the bag.
A perfectly executed hit and run, it was a thing of beauty.
So now they have men on 1st and 3rd with no outs. I walk the next guy to set up a force at every base.
All I am thinking is that I need a K, first pitch the CPU executes a perfectly placed suicide squeeze.
Game over, I lost and I cannot even be mad. This game sometimes reminds us of the beauty of the game and how well it can play at times.

Man, I miss baseball.


The twins are by far the toughest CPU team to beat. They gave me a lot of trouble in my Royals MTO run. They just have good hitters 1-8 and just seem to be programed to be tougher than all the other teams


Yeah, the Twins are tough.
But the perfection of the Hit and Run was a thing of beauty.
That is a loss that I don't think anyone could get mad at.