So I used to play the Show and stopped after the horrible Immortal grind, I think 18. This year it seems diamonds and stubs are easy to obtain.

With that being said, I am assuming bosses and live diamonds don't hold the same value as before. When should end gamers start coming in?

My lineup is ok but just wanting the community's feedback on the decision to grind more.

SP: Kluber, Oswalt, Reyes, Prior, and Walter Johnson

RP: Allen, Garrett, Rivera, Plesac, Hader, Wood, Isringhausen

C- Rodriguez
1st - Helton, Stargell
2nd- Sandberg
SS - Hanley, Lindor
3rd - Gallo, Baez
OF - Snider, Acuna, Yelich, Hunter, Mays

For Golds; Michael Young and Matt Williams are hit machines.

My guess is there is areas of improvement but is it going to be significant as the year goes on?