I apologize if this has been asked before


But how long do you normally go before you reset a Daily?

I've been stuck on a 'Score 3 Runs with Gold Infielders' for the past 3 days.

Only reason, it's worth 5 Stars and I already have obtained 3 runs, so I only need the one that's left.

However, I can't seem to buy a hut in the Event. Have spent close to 4500 stubs trying to get a Gold IF in a BR draft. If I do, I can't get him to score.

Was tempted to try RS, but my last (and ONLY) RS game I quit after getting 4 errors in 2 Innings due to the horrendous fielding.


5 stars and 1 run needed? Why not load a gold bench in Events and substitute RISP with gold IF? You’ll save yourself BR entry fee. Usually I know right away if I’m gonna chase a daily or not and reset if I can. I wouldn’t worry about it to the point your wasting 1k’s of stubs tho